Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Edge Effect, formerly Mosaic. A taste of their CD "Alphabet Radio"

My Santa Fe blog is not quite dead yet.

I've been gone from Vegas for almost two years now. Haven't been back since we sold the house and I moved over to the Bay Area in September 2013 to be back with Cheryl (she's been working in Walnut Creek since 2008; the Southwest Airlines Marriage was seriously suckin').

While now nominally "retired," (and when not busking, or wasting time on Crackbook or Twitter or Pinterest), I'm still busy with my Health IT blog (computerized medical records systems), and just put one up about the California drought that may well force us outa here.

Miss y'all. We'll be in Vegas May 15th -- 19th (Lindo Michoacan will be a #1 priority), and will be at the Santa Fe gig at The Palms on the 18th.

"MOSAIC" used to come sit in with Santa Fe all the time. Cats are unreal. They've changed up, and are now called "Edge Effect." I first reported on Mosaic in September 2006. See also my July 5th 2008 post. And, my July 13th 2008 post.

I've been meaning to put this audio review of their album "Alphabet Radio" together for a long time. I've started and halted several times owing to technical difficulties and health problems.  Finally, here it is. Sorry for the interminable delay.

If your browser doesn't support embedded mp3 players, the link to the source mp3 audio file is here.

These cats are the best, as artists and just as people. I am blessed to have come to know them.

BTW, link to all of my old "Santa Fe and Friends" podcasts here.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Jeff Ray, 1970 - 2014

A terrible loss. Struck down and killed by an Amtrak train up near Seattle. My heart goes out to his family.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Santa Fe Band March 22nd 2013 show at the Las Vegas Academy

Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns are about to throw down for the Las Vegas Academy for the Performing Arts


Lots more to come. Just getting starting. Patience, please. I'm not getting paid for this anymo....

Oh, huhhh... wait, uh...

If some of the players look incredibly young it's because they are in fact LVA high school students, getting to throw down with some of the finest musicians in the world.

BTW, Mom and Dad, I don't deface my shots with watermarks or otherwise post any arrogant prohibitory copyright language on or around them. This has been my M.O. since I started this blog.

These photos are free for the taking for personal or promotional use. Click on any shot for the full size original (warning: they are rather large) and save it. Think of these blog shots as large thumbnails. The big pics ar "under the hood."

Numbah Two Son (LVA graduate), whaddayah think? Pretty cool night.


Sunday update. This all I got time for right now. Got other blogging to stay on top of.


More as I have time.