Monday, February 21, 2011

Feb 21st gig at The Palms

I been away from the band for four months, but we had the day off, and I'm burnin' some VAC time tomorrow, so it's time to come hang. Been difficult to not see y'all for all this time, band and fans alike.

What were we doin' a year ago Monday night?


One thumpin' fine time. Lotta new originals. The next CD is gonna be killer.

They also did Old Borud's "Backyard Party." Totally badass. You gotta buy his CD ("Shakin' the Ground").

I went to the Outlet Mall this afternoon and bought some purple low-cut Chuck Taylors and a purple tie, just to bust Tyriq's chops. When I got there tonight...

LOL. Great minds think alike. Below, Fat City Horns lineup tonight: Dave Phillipus, Tom DeLibero, Gil Kaupp, Dave Stambaugh, Rob Mader, and Jerry Merra.

Monster sit-in this evening: Amanda Corvini on bari, Brandon Fields on Alto, Michito Sanchez on percussion, Mike Lent on guitar, Ron Walters on keys. Below, some random pics.

Wow. I am not used to stayin' up this late (it's 2:10 a.m. as I pop the clutch and post this). Runnin' outa steam. More this evening (I shot more than 160 pics). Goin' in to DayGigIstan late, but I still gotta go in for a while. Great to see all of you tonight.

BTW, Cheryl sends her love.


Yeah, man. Great fun...


Our brother Drew Zingg's new website is now up (click the image below).


On the subject of Steely Dan, Drew's not in this video below, but I never tire of this clip.

That's Tom Barney on bass.