Monday, May 30, 2011

May 30th gig at The Palms

I will be there tonight. Burnin' a VAC day tomorrow. Need some Healing.


Been missin' everyone. Thanks to all of you for being so nice to me tonight. Very nice set list, mostly classic material from the band's first two CDs (including the awesome Canta con Amigo, which Jerry started off with his incredible Flamenco chops). Tyriq was killer on I Feel Good, Tony slammed Tower's Get Your Feet Back on the Ground and Greazy Thing from the latest CD, and Mike took on the lead vocal on Dave's Salvation.

Three subs tonight: Mike Gonzales on keys filling in for Jamie Hosmer, Tom DeLibero on trumpet for Gil, and Chris Logan subbing for Dr. Lenny on vocals.

Some shots from a thumpin' hang...

Really great to hear the band after my latest too-long hiatus (not goin' to DayGigistan in the morning). Astute, veteran blog observers will likely note that I didn't do all that many shots this time, and they're pretty much from a single POV. Place was packed, no room to move around, so I pretty much stuck to my seat. I'm still healing up from my recent jaw surgery, so I didn't have a lot of energy to be crawlin' all around this time, and I just wanted to dig the music anyway. Hope you like these shots.


The Steven Lee Group was back at Red Rock Sunday night (8 pm - 10:30 pm), so I went. You gotta hear these cats. Tony Davich and Rochon were on the gig (w/ Joey Finger on tubs, Billy T on Keys, and Rocco Barbato on reeds).

Killer band. Great peeps.

Below, OK, I did not know this -- Steven plays trumpet, too. He did a tune on trumpet, with Rocco on bari. Very cool.


Awesome. Jerry's workin' on gettin' him here for a sit-in this fall.