Monday, August 31, 2009

Aug 31st - we're dark tonight

Sorry. Something about renovations going on in The Lounge, regarding which they've reportedly had some permit heartburn. We'll be back next Monday night (Sept 7th).

BTW, The 3rd and newest CD by Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns (our first studio release) is now in post-production and is soon to be issued. I did the artwork for the 2nd CD, but we are soliciting bids for the CD art for this one, as we want the art to be up there consistent with this nascent stunning piece of work. Contact BobbyG (



Finally, my Volume 6 of the "Friends of Santa Fe" podcast series. I'd have finished it this weekend, but I'm awaiting some new cuts from Scotty Alexander. Other featured artists this time include Miari, Jeff Ray's Penthouse Suite, Brandon Fields, Rachel Eckroth, Michito Sanchez, Darren Kramer DKO, Dave Hart, Tamara Champlin, and Dawayne Bailey. Program length will be about 70 min or so, and I think y'all will dig it.


From their recent first gig at Green Valley Ranch. Lotta promise here.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Phoenix at the ROK Nightclub in NY/NY

Phoenix is all over it these days. I've not heard them in a while. Been a couple of lineup changes since I saw them last. They put on a slammin' classic rock show tonight in the ROK nightclub in NY/NY. Man, it was fine...(and loud!).

Tony Davich is a total pro, man. Cat is just comfortable as can be, whatever the genre. Gotta love it. He be funkin' it out the wazoo with Santa Fe and then just rocks it to the roof with Phoenix.

Great crowd, though full of chicks about a third my incipient geriatric age, LOL (and a handful of dirty old men pathetically chasin' that bootie).

OK, tonight (Friday): Hot Club of Las Vegas returns to The Bootlegger (11:30 pm), and Jerry Lopez is doing 3 shows this weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun) at the Suncoast with Clint Holmes (8 pm).

Oh, yeah...bummer FYI: Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns will not be at The Palms this coming Monday. The Lounge is down for renovations.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August 24th gig at The Palms: STEVE CROPPER IN THE HOUSE!!!

I'm just' sayin'... a central Soul Music Legend of our time. Certainly one of my all-time guitar heroes.

Above: Whoa, nailed that shot! :) You live for those...

For those few in need of some bkg, a short excerpt from his rap sheet:
A founding member of Booker T. & the M.G.'s, Stax's house band, Steve Cropper, along with Booker T. Jones on organ and piano, bassist Duck Dunn, and drummer Al Jackson, Jr., went on to record several hits. As a house guitarist, he played on hundreds of records, from "(Sittin' on) the Dock of the Bay", cowritten with Otis Redding, to Sam and Dave's "Soul Man" (earning the famous shout of "Play it, Steve!")

Cropper's fame was not limited to the United States. The Beatles favored Cropper's playing and his production on Otis Redding records. In fact, John Lennon and Paul McCartney made tentative plans to record in Memphis to work with the guitarist...

Besides his influential work with the MGs, Cropper co-wrote "Knock On Wood" with Eddie Floyd, "In the Midnight Hour" with Wilson Pickett, and "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay" with Otis Redding. His partnership with Redding was particularly fruitful; "(Sittin' On) The Dock Of the Bay" alone has been played over six million times, making it the sixth most-played song of all time (and the ASCAP catalog's second most).

Dave Hart (Pointer Sisters) had come in to open for Jerry. He then later got to blow chromatic harp while Steve Cropper played his axe. We laughed: "He played my fuckin' guitar, man!"

I'd be sealin' those strings in a baggie and labeling it, bro'.

What can I say? Other than to note that, Steve's Hall of Fame status notwithstanding, he's one of the friendliest cats I ever met. No pretense, nothin' but the Real, just a cat who loves good music. He was hollerin' at me from his seat at the table behind behind mine, callin' me by name during the show (and we'd only just been introduced for the first time by Blaise). He hung in the lounge long after the show was over, just talking it up with everyone.



LOL! More to come after I crash and cop some Zzzzz's, I got a late start blogging, and I have 167 raw shots total on the night. Lots to still go through, but it's almost 4 a.m., and I'm gettin' tired. Stay tuned...


Got a lot of shots last night. Interesting, given that about a third of that crappy-in-the-best-of-circumstances light grid is now defunct, and also that they'd removed the large backdrop neon "Lounge" sign (interesting also that they've removed the Zowie Bowie elevated stage; we're now back where we were, about 2 feet lower).

Photos from a great hang, randomly...

Above, I resisted the temptation to crop this one of Jamie. The asymmetry and excess headroom are interesting in this case (I'm usually the anti-headroom dude).

Above, Gil during "dueling trumpets" in "Negrita," with his new Stealth Trumpet, which sucks in and dissipates all ambient light, LOL!

Below, Steve and Skip Weiser (trombonist, Wayne Cochran & The CC Riders).

What a great night!


Tonight, my friend, jazz guitar monster Robert Conti at Brendan's Pub in the Orleans, 8 pm. Free show. I'll be there to cover it.

Then, Tony Davich and Phoenix:


returns to their old stomping ground when they perform at

Doors open at 10:30PM
Come on out and help us rock the house!

Also, don’t forget:
we are at Roxy’s Lounge in
Sam’s Town on a regular basis.

Check our website for dates and show times


Hot Club of Las Vegas this Friday at The Bootlegger (click the image to enlarge)...

and, ALSO...

Jerry Lopez appears with Clint Holmes this Fri, Sat, and Sun at the Suncoast for a show entitled "An Evening of Romance."