Sunday, October 16, 2011

Monday, October 03, 2011

Tonight, Ole Børud sittin' in with Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns



Yikes. What a blow-out. Ole was off the hook. I shot close to 300 pics (some of which will be crap, to be sure, but I got some good ones). I'll post a few for now to get started.

 It was a full audio / 3-camera HD shoot tonight, The DVD and streaming video that come of this will be awesome.
Much, much more to come after some Zzzz's and a doctor's appointment (not goin' to DayGigIstan in the morning). Thank you, Ole. Everyone loved you.


Mo' shots.
Above and below: newest Santa Fe member on the front line, Lannie Counts on vocals.

Below, OK, The Don (Goodman) and the Diva (Serena Henry). Among the happiest cats in the room... BTW, the linked shot of Serena -- one of the nicest people I've ever met -- is from my "My Women" stash I posted on Crackbook.

Below, my dear friends the JoeyT's from Seattle and, course, the Corvini's.

Above, Mikael Engström et al. Below., Ole, Mikael, Jerry, and Scott Gross.Below. BobbyG heads home down the 15 off Flamingo, Healed...
More to come...


A sad one.
I have more stuff from Monday night, but I had to make note of this sad event.___