Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 26th show at The Palms

A few pics for now. Full show blog post update after the day gig. Great show again tonight. Band was on fire. Nice crowd eventually filled in the room. Thought it was gonna be slow at first.


Above, my California peeps gettin' ready for a fun evening...

Above: Abe LaMarca fillin' in for Tyriq. The cat is fabulous.

All I got time for right now. 1 a.m., gotta crash...


OK, I'm back from work and a trip to the nursing home to see me Ma. More scenes from a great hang...

Below, Abe LaMarca did a rendition of "Lucille" that brought the house down. What a voice: clear, crisp, cutting, soaring.

Above: OK, Caption Contest!!!

Above, Eric Tewalt came to play, broken ankle and all...

Above and below: OK, Caption Contest!!! LOL...

Yeah, man... I hate that I now have to leave at midnight, don't get to witness the end of the show, and then hang for a while any more. Sux. And, Tuesdays are a bear at work.

Thank you all for coming out. Without you, we are nothing.

Thanks to Greg Sinclair for the light board work.


Don't forget, Michael Grimm (see prior blog post) will be appearing tomorrow night at The Bootlegger, along with Bruce Wallace, Lenny Lopez, Gabriel Falcon, and Tim Scott. 10 p.m., free show. 7700 S. LV Blvd at Robindale.