Saturday, February 04, 2012

The First Santa Fe Streaming Video

OK, look, I can't make this argument much simpler. You sign up at the band's new VIDEO ON DEMAND link, pay $6.95 for one week of unlimited streaming HD video/audio viewing. So, that's 8.4 cents per minute if you watch it just once.

You will be unable to do so, trust me. (I'm gonna melt my broadband coax cable. I signed up notwithstanding that all I needed to do was ask them for a comp. I gotta listen again just to fully concentrate on Rochon's unreal bass playing.) Watch it even once a day for the seven days. That's 1.2 cents per minute, 99 cents per view.

You will want to view it at least a dozen times or more, it is
so compelling. The audio alone is as good as their CDs (tip: wear headphones if you don't have full, powered 20-20k audio hooked to your computer).

Do the math. There is no better value for people who love the very best in music.

$6.95. C'mon: that's a Starbucks latte and piece of crumb cake -- and the pleasure will last at least 100 times as long, and will help Keep The Healing alive.

Simple. Do it.

- BobbyG

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