Thursday, December 31, 2009

Adios 2009

A retrospective photo essay of some randomly selected highlight shots from our 2009 gigs at The Palms featuring our amazing musical guest artists and our esteemed and vital subs (and a few fan shots).

Will Lee (David Letterman's CBS Orchestra) and Bette Sussman (Bette Midler's M.D.)

Amanda Corvini

Fred Ross (2nd from left) singing with Tony, Tyriq, and Lenny

Scotty Alexander

Hall of Famer Steve Cropper jammin' with Dave Hart

Mike Lent

Tom Delibero

Russ McKinnon

Rocco Prestia

Tamara Champlin

Aye! Fookin'-A! Our Irish contingent!

Tony Lindsay

Ray Mouton

Ron George (our engineer on "When The Curtain Goes Up")

Daniel de los Reyes and Rudy Regalado

Mike Miller

Rachel Eckroth

Chris Logan

Nate Wingfield

Michael Grimm


Miguel Rodriguez

Michito Sanchez and Gabe

Michael Cavanaugh

Mike Gonzales

Marcie Chapa

Mikael Engstrom, major fan from Sweden

Michael Anthony Henegan

Some of our Lion King cast fans

Larry Aberman

Keith Nelson

Chalo Eduardo (L) and Gabe

John Wedemeyer

Jeff Ray

Numbah One Fan Joerg (Cirque "Ka" cast)

Kissy Simmons (Lion King's "Nala") one more time

Human Nature

Howard Arthur

Joey Heredia

Ian Martin

Herman Matthews

Garrett Hypes

Jimmy McIntosh

One of the Havana Nightclub cast

Dave Stambaugh

Above: yeah, I know, Gabe is not a "sub," but every now and then he has to sub on the kit, and he totally kicks ass.

Glenn Colby

Derek Jones

Chiqui Garcia

5th Avenue

Freddie Ravel

Christine LaFond

Eric where-did-you-get-those-shoes Tewalt

Enrique Corro

Dennis Chambers

Above and below, Carlos Reyes

Darren Kramer

Brother Blaise Sison

Dave Hagerman

Brandon Fields

Brother Brad Cordle throwin' down with Lenny

Brian Monroney

Brother Bill Champlin

Bill Zappia

Danny Reyes and Gabe

Dave Phillipus

Chuey Gomez on Air Trombone!

A.B. and Karl Perazzo

Chris Gray

Abe LaMarca

Andy King-of-The-Seat-of-Funk Ebon

Lorraine and the Fat City Superstore! Thank you for all your help!

Finally, the man who makes it all happen, LOL!

What a year. May all of you have a safe and happy New Year's celebration tonight, and thrive in 2010.

BTW, I just did a 10% sample count estimate of my 2009 keeper shot photo folders. Roughly 4,000 shots, which means I probably shot about 12,000 gig pics this year. A labor of love in support of my peeps.

Also, BTW, I gotta give a props shout-out to Greg Sinclair -- for whom I don't have any pics -- for stepping up to run the light board for us, gratis. And, of course, our Front-of-House master (and Santa Fe alum) Sonny Maupin for his great audio work.


Tomorrow night, 10 pm, The Cordle-Scott Band will be at the all new & re-opened Sand Dollar. The Dollar is under new ownership & has been remodeled
. 3355 Spring Mountain Rd. Las Vegas, NV, 89102. Come hang and hear some great music by our bro's.

Also, Brother Blaise will be doing his Family Stone Experience gig this weekend at The Orleans.



I was out runnin' errands this afternoon and heard this on NPR's "All Things Considered."

December 31, 2009 - As we come to the end of the decade, we turn to one of the more dramatic changes we've heard in music over those 10 years: It seems to have gotten louder.

We're talking about compression here, the dynamic compression that's used a lot in popular music. There's actually another kind of compression going on today — one that allows us to carry hundreds of songs in our iPods. More on that in a minute.

But first, host Robert Siegel talked to Bob Ludwig, a record mastering engineer. For more than 40 years, he's been the final ear in the audio chain for albums running from Jimi Hendrix to Radiohead, from Tony Bennett to Kronos Quartet...