Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 30th gig at The Palms

OK, so, my brother in law Marvin is here this week for a work conference, got in Saturday. I told him "let's go do the Santa Fe hang Monday night" (Marv is one of my favorite peeps; what a family!).

This morning I got up feeling like crap. It got worse as the morning ensued. I left the office at about 1:15 pm, told my AA I was going home and to bed.

Which I did. Had not Cheryl's brother been here, I'd have stayed home.

To miss a major ass-whup. I slithered back outa the bed at about 8:45 and got dressed.

Just a few shots for now. Unreal. Unreal.

Above: uh, oh, there's that look again...


Above, Tyriq is goin' all out in the color-coordination department.

Below, MOSAIC is now "Edge Effect."

Above: Separated at birth?

Single POV tonight, sitting at a front table with my friend Don Goodman (props, bro'). They had a real photographer there tonight, Wayne Posner. Nice cat.

More to come. All I got time for tonight.

I miss doing this stuff...


Mo' pics...

Above, they did a "Tribute to Santa Fe" in which they mimicked The Fat City Horns. It was amazing. Crowd went nuts.

What a hang. Man...

Remember, Santa Fe releases the full "Ole Borud guest artist" show on streaming HD video this Thursday, over at SantaFeBand.com.

BTW, in case you haven't heard of Dirty Loops.

After that bass ride, 1,000 of the world's baddest bass cats burned their axes.

Though, I gotta say, last night Rochon Westmoreland stepped up his bass ride to a whole 'nuther level. Not kidding. It was off the hook, generated this huge roar from the crowd.