Saturday, October 31, 2009

Michael Grimm Halloween 2009 at GVR


Dave Hart
sat in on harp...

It was a cool, fun evening. BobbyG got called up to sing a verse of "Dixie Chicken."

(Wedemeyer shot that with my camera, LOL)

More tomorrow, got some great pics. Michael, we all love ya.



Above, Michael's manager Don McGreevy, LOL.

Sadly, this was Michael's last night at GVR. They're cutting all the local entertainment way back, owing to their ongoing BK problem and the slow economy.


It is gonna be insane! Bill will open for Santa Fe -- at 10:15 pm -- with his tour lineup (Tamara, Jerry, Jamie, Rochon, and Eddie Garcia). They're gonna do a set of tunes from the upcoming tour, mostly songs from his new CD "No Place Left to Fall." It will be slammin'.

Join us. And, pay it forward.

Champlin Tour rehearsal - Wow!

So, lucky me: I've just spent two hours in the presence of total, slammin', utterly congenial yet deadly serious hipness, in a tiny rehearsal studio room the size of a motel room over on Oquendo. And, we get to witness a pre-tour set Monday night, when Bill and his tour lineup will open the Santa Fe gig at The Palms. Based on what I just heard, y'all are in for an amazing kickoff event. Free!

Click the Bill Champlin link over in the right side column to order the CD if you don't already have it. You can get it from iTunes as well. I bought both. Link to the tour schedule is here.

Above: many of you may not know that Rochon sings his butt off.

Below: an interesting, now vestigial road case...


BTW, tonight is Michael Grimm's last night at Green Valley Ranch. 7 pm in the Ovation Showroom, no cover, no minimum. Come and hang if you can. I will be there.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Dr. Lenny with David Van Such at Sam's Town

So, I get home from hangin' with my Ma at the nursing home, pour a Johnny Walker Black, log in, check my email...the phone rings. It's Lenny. Giggin' at Sam's Town tonight, a Smooth Jazz 105.7-The Oasis gig. Whatever, bro', thanks for the lead time, duh. So, I guess I'll be the last to know, LOL. I'll be there, gimme a few minutes (for you; not that 105.7 ever gives us the time of day, notwithstanding multiple attempts to make nice).

Y'all sounded great.

Tomorrow night. Michael Grimm at Green Valley Ranch, his final show there. 7 pm. Be there. Maybe I'll again get up and sing "Dixie Chicken" while shooting pics.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October 26th gig at The Palms

Yet another great crowd! We are so grateful to have you all coming out to hang. The Lounge was electric, and packed up tight. Very cool.

Along with covers and older originals (e.g., "South American Sojourn," "Higher Ground," "Come Back Home," Soul Trilogy," "Brother to Brother," "Use Me Up," "Living For The City"), four cuts from the upcoming CD tonight: "Pack It Up," "Indian Summer Day," "Love Jungle," and "When The Curtain Goes Up." Bill Champlin was sittin' at my table, and he was sure diggin' it all.

Interesting show tonight, Jerry, Jamie, and Rochon had been in rehearsals all day with Bill and Tamara (and Eddie Garcia on drums) starting at 10 a.m., until Rochon had to split to go do Donny & Marie at about 6. They were all very tired, but managed to ramp it up anyway.

More scenes from a hang...

Below, Dr. Lenny with my Cheryl. She had a great time. I am lovin' havin' her home for a few days.

The new CD...soon, my friends, soon...

Some of the tunes are fixin' to be up on Raoul's on Wednesday, btw.