Monday, March 29, 2010

March 29th gig at the Trop LV

I will be in Salt Lake City this week 'til Thursday night for a day gig training forum, so I have to miss the show :(

If anyone gets some good shots you'd like to see on the blog, send 'em to me (along with your comments), and I can update the blog from SLC (and give you a byline).

10:30 pm in the Tiffany Theatre. Free show. Followed immediately in the Celebration Lounge with the midnight big band hang, this week featuring the Gary Anderson Big Band.

Also, save the date for Wednesday night, 10 pm at the Bootlegger, when Jerry, Lenny, Jamie, Gabe, and Tim Scott again fire up the awesome "Negrita Night" show.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Off The Chain - March 22nd gig report

Full post-show report after I get off work. Lotta shots (228 outa the camera). It was crazy fine...

We had a full house, and they got slammed!


Thanks you all for coming out. what a great show! The band was totally in the pocket right from the outset.

Let the photo essay begin.

Carlos is at once virtuoso musician (no overstatement whatsoever) and masterful, uproariously funny showman. Ask anyone who was there.

Below, backstage calm before the storm. One of the Wayne Newton sets. There's a golf cart inside that bus that they use to drive it on and off the stage.

Amanda Corvini, thank you, li'l Sistah! We all love you and your family.


Lots going on around town this week. See my "Around Town" links column on the right for more. Of particular note is tonight's recurring "Negrita Night" hang at The Bootlegger, featuring Jerry, Lenny, Jamie, Gabriel, and Tim Scott. I wish I could go even just for a bit, but I am struggling to get sufficient rest for the new day gig, and I owe them my best, and my priority consideration. We are wrapping up an intense 4 weeks of crammed-in training and endless meetings, all of which culminate in a bi-state team forum next week at HQ in Salt Lake City (causing me to miss next Monday's Trop LV show).

Hi Bobby my name is Cameron and I work with Pepe on Lion King. Here's a shot of the FCH I got a few weeks back. I do HDR photography and this is HDR and numerous plug ins going for a very abstract look. I'm about to do a whole series based on this look.

Hope you like it!
Cameron Grant

Yeah, bro, very, very nice.