Sunday, October 16, 2022

Las Vegas: BobbyG's Santa Fe Band legacy photos

 I Lived in Las Vegas from 1992 through 2013. I became friends with the magnificent musicians in this band (and their many friends). The nicest people I've ever met.

I shot tens of thousands of photos of the band and their incredibly talented wider tribe during that time—all of them comprising the Las Vegas A-List of "20 feet from stardom" performers. It was a major highlight of my life.

I never charged a penny. It was simply my obligation to help document this scene (which continues to this day), having once been in the bar band trenches myself.
Below are shots that the band chose to portray on their website. I didn't even know about it until after the galleries were posted. I could not feel more honored.

But, first: A true statement.

The legendary Steve Cropper sittin' in

Scott Sheriff sittin' in.
One of my large band posters we sold at the gigs.
Our eminent Ronnie Foster in the House!

Left to Right: Ole Borud, Mikal Engstrom, Jerry Lopaz, Scott Gross
Another of my large band posters we sold at the gigs.
Norwegian funk superstar Ole Borud sittin' in.

America's Got Talent winner Michael Grimm!

Can you say "Kenny Loggins?" OMG.

Bill Champlin (R) jammin' with Jerry Lopez.
Bill and Tamara Champlin in the House!
Freddie Ravel sittin' in!
Kenny Loggins' guitar player. He told me afterward
"we had no idea, man, they just told us 'we're goin' to hear some band'."

The incredible Will Champlin.
The incredible Will Champlin's Dad, 2-time Grammy winner Bill Champlin.

The Hang at The Palms.
Miss all you peeps.