Monday, March 21, 2016

Santa Fe and the Fat City Horns at Southpoint, Feb. 29th

So, I returned to Vegas for a week to cover the HIMSS 2016 Conference at the Sands for my Health IT blog. Came in a day early, booked a room at Southpoint so it'd be convenient to come hang with the guys and shoot a few new pics.

Gotta say, I love that they are now at Southpoint. It's a fine venue. Recall when I covered the Sons of Champlin there in 2007, see here, and here. I also shot Phoenix there as well in 2008.

Santa Fe was particularly snappy and tight this night. A fairly traditional set list. Curt Miller subbing on 'bone for Nathan, and Keith Nelson subbing on bass for Rochon.

Some pics, randomly...

I love these cats. Really miss the hang, miss Vegas.