Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Gig at The Palms, July 2nd

Cheryl's home from California for a week, so I'm burnin' a VAC day at DayGigiStan so we could go to the Hang. It was really great to see everyone. Bill Zappia was subbing for Dave Richardson and Dave Stambaugh was subbing for Phil Wigfall. While we miss seeing Dave and Phil, Bill and Dave Stambaugh sure lit things up.

I only shot a few pics, all from my seat. Just another civilian now. The lighting seems a lot dimmer than it used to be. I know that that makes it easier on stage.


Below, Lenny made me come up and sing on "Wishing Well," along with Jerry Jones and Lannie Counts.


Above, our dear friend Joerg Lemke (Cirque's "Ka") just got married! Awesome. Congratulations!


Sergio on guitar and Dylan on tubs. The band is named "Digg." Yet another generation of Lopez music slayers rising. They were gigging at the e-String Saturday night. Lenny asked us to come. I did a set of shots for them, posterized a couple in Photoshop. That was great fun.

They'll be back at the e-String this Friday night, 6 pm.


Wow. That just tears at my heart.