Monday, October 18, 2010

Blog hiatus

After nearly 5 years, 743 posts to date (exclusive of this one), and probably 13-15,000 photos uploaded (I've lost track), a sad email I had to send to the guys this week:
My friends,

I have had to come to a very difficult decision, given my love for y'all, utter respect for what you do, and ongoing acute desire to help advance your cause however possible. My blog is going into hiatus for the indeterminate future. I hope it's not the end of it, because it has been a total labor of love, and I like to think I've added a little value in this town (and beyond), both for the band, and for your (our) many compadres. But, the simple truth is that I have to get a grip on my deteriorating health, and that precludes -- on the emphatic advice of my physician -- being out late on Monday nights any more, at least for now. So, I will not be coming to the Palms gigs for a while. And, when I can, it'll likely be back where I started, as one of the ever-thunderstruck fans. Sit in the back, catch an hour, and then go home.

As a practical matter, my day job is moving more and more into the outright in-the-trenches operational phase, which is going to require that I be both in northern Nevada and southern Utah a lot dealing with our client medical clinics. This will also make blogging the gigs problematic. Wish none of this were so. But it is.

Carry on, bros', keep slammin' 'em.


Been a crazy, up & down blogging year (below, QTRs 1-3, 2010, click the image to enlarge).


On a happier note, in the wake of his America's Got Talent win, my li'l bro' Michael Grimm asked if he could use some of my shots for a fundraising calendar for southern Mississippi post-Katrina relief.

Of course.

Buy one.

Lucie sent me a couple of copies. Cheryl took one back to Walnut Creek today (she's been home for the weekend).


mickijay said...

I love ya Bobby and all that you've done to share the Monday night events with us. My heart is with you wherever you are. Your friend, mickijay

Big E said...

Bobby, being on the East Coast, I always look forward to reading your blogs on "the Tuesday after". Your pix have really been awesome and as I attempt to capture "the moment" at the Palms, I always think "my pix don't even compare to those that Bobby takes". You really do beautiful work! I also credit you for turning me on to Michael Grimm and I am forever grateful for that. He is really a man with a whole lotta soul... We want you to be around for awhile to enjoy all this great talent, so please take time to take care of your health issues! We're gonna miss you! Take care. Eva Graham

Lise B said...


It has been a privilege to follow one of our favorite bands through your photos and commentary each week. We appreciate the time you have taken to share it with the world and we wish you all be best for your health. You gotta do what is best for YOU now!

Thanks for everything and take good care,

Best regards,

Lise B.

BobbyG said...

Thank you all for the kind words. I really miss doing the blog already (and hearing that stunning band every week), but I had no choice but to give it up for a while.