Saturday, October 20, 2012

Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns: Sgt. Trey benefit gig

First, let me just say that reports of the demise of my Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns blog are without foundation.


Sgt. Thomas "Trey" Humphries paid a horrific price in service to our nation while deployed in Afghanistan, losing his legs and being terribly wounded. This event was a fundraising to help him and his family move on.

My late Dad left a leg behind on Sicily during WWII, so this had special resonance for me. Bless you, son.

I just dumped my camera. 205 shots to triage.

A Tradition Unlike Any Other...

Not so sure this crowd knew what to make of Santa Fe.


We all salute you, sir.

A great day. Really miss doing this stuff.


Tonya Farrens said...

I sure have missed the blog and your pics, Bobby. What a pleasant surprise to log on and find an update.

BobbyG said...

Thanks, Tonya! I miss all of you.