Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Movin' on to The Higher Ground

Palace Station has decided to do a four-wall deal on the Sound Trax Lounge with another act. So, tonight, January 30th, 2006 was the last night for Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns at Palace Station [ :-( ]. The SRO crowd was wild with enthusiasm. The band was simply on FIRE! Ronnie Foster sat in, too. Awesome. A few shots from the evening:

I'm gonna be one tired puppy at work in a few hours. Worth it. Stay tuned, y'all. A new venue will be happenin' shortly. This band is just too good to not have one. Sorry about the fuzziness of most of these pics. I gotta learn how to get my digital camera to emulate high-speed film, 'cuz you gotta shoot available light in these situations, but I was getting viewfinder stuff like 1/8th at f2.8 (which, in Gabriel's case directly above, at least gives an indication of his animated fire).

I guess I should dig in my camera bag and RTFM -- Read the [bleep]ing Manual.

BTW- BobbyG sez that Rochon is from another Galaxy. Gotta be. I call him the Michael Jordan of bass players. Un-friggin'-real. Roch, if I get ya a "23" Bulls jersey, will you wear it? LOL!

BTW2- Blaise Sison was there tonight. Fine, fine bassist who will be a regular with Ronnie Foster at Sedona. Nice cat, too. Be sure to check him out. Also, question: What does little brother Lenny Lopez do when he's not throwin' down with those soaring, soulful, nasty vocals and layin' down the grease on percussion (and keepin' us wonderin' "what's Lenny gonna say next...")? Check THIS out. Wow. How beautiful.

Oh yeah, also - Santa Fe keyboardist/arranger Dave Richardson is in the show band for the new Luxor production of the Tony Award winning (8 of 'em) musical Hairspray. Cheryl and I will be goin', sounds like great fun.

UPDATE: Santa Fe is now in the Wikipedia. Just getting started wth that. FYI- anyone can edit a Wiki page, and anyone else can subsequently edit the edits, etc, ad infinitum. Helps keep it real. Blow any smoke, and vigilant others will jump all over it and clear the air. A recent study found the volunteer/anonymous author'ed Wikipedia as accurate as Britannia overall. Check out this entry for Jerry's friend Bill Champlin.

(check out some of the fifty-dollar word blabity-blah-blah BobbyG has contributed, LOL!)

- Bobby

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Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby,

Nice photos!
I saw these guys on 11-14-05 when I went out to celebrate my birthday and got some awesome photos of them playing.

Gabriel is definitely hard to freeze in action, but I managed to get a couple. I've nicknamed Rochon "Lightening" after seeing him solo on the DVD.

If you check out the band section on Santa Fe's site, you can see a few of my photos Jerry used. I used one of those Canon Digital XT's with an EOS lens. Only way to capture these guys in action! LOL!

Bette B