Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Jerry Lopez 2004 interview

The hands of the Master...

Also...a review of Phil Wigfall's wonderful CD:

"...“Cosmic Soul” is bona fide non-cosmetic jazz at its very best, complimented by an array of unfaultable influences making this record a must for serious contemporary jazz lovers everywhere!..."

I could not agree more. One fine piece of work, right up there with the rest of The Big Boys.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby...
How on earth did you find these interviews! LOL! WOW... seems like yesterday I was a nervous wreck heading out to meet up with Jerry for that first interview. He's definitely mastering that Alhambra and I remember being mesmerized when I was taking the photos as he played that Takamine!

I discovered him thru Ricky Martin... now I'm glad I asked if he recorded any of his own music. I found a treasure of incredible musicians that day he invited me out to a jam in Vegas a few years back.

That's awesome you're in a bigger venue now! More room to dance!

Jerry, I can't thank you enough for sharing your love of music with me! Thank you for being my friend.

Till next time...

Bette B

Anonymous said...

Jerry I've been to see Clint Holmes about 5 times in the past year & wanted to tell u I think u r the heart of the band The way your fingers float on your guitar just takes my breath away