Saturday, May 27, 2006

OK, think BIG...

I been toyin' with this idea for a while now. The backstory: Three years ago Cheryl and I went on a short, glorious vacation down to Ventura, CA, and toured around through the Santa Ynez Valley wine country one day, just up NW outa Santa Barbara (locale for the overblown Oscar nominated movie "Sideways." I didn't really dig the flick that much, except for having been there).

We toured the Gainey Vineyard & Winery (great place, great wines), and they had these autographed pics on the walls, e.g., Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins, etc., from shows that had gone down there. I thought, 'how cool is is that? What an awesome venue for hip music...'

A couple of pics I shot while we were there:

Last week Cheryl showed me this local mag ("89113") that had turned up at her office. It had an article about the Wilson Creek Winery down in the Temeculah Valley just south of Palm Springs, CA.

Well, guess that THEY do as well? A "Sunset Jazz in the Vines Concert Series." I suppose the more I look the more I will find of this very same thing.

The point (if not obvious by now)? What is a natural supremely hip demographic for Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns, if not this kind of a crowd, upscale people who attend outdoor shows at the vineyards? Can I get an "Amen"?

No further questions, your Honor. I rest my case.

BELOW: the first graphic I mocked up when I initially had the idea. The "sponsors" are just hypothetical placeholders at this point -- just to illustrate the point. There are natural win/win constituencies to engage in a project such as this (necessary to fund what I would assume to be the considerable event-related logistics). This could be huge. Think about it, think about the major wine-producing regions of the world (do I have to spell it out? Europe, South America, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand...). We start in California...

You gotta think BIG (it doesn't cost any more), or nothing big will ever happen. This idea actually goes beyond just our guys, but they in fact could/would be the anchor. Vegas could not have better ambassadors, for Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns exemplify the excellence that is Vegas entertainment, without a doubt.


REMEMBER: the Healing resumes at The Palms Monday night at 10 pm. Be there.


Anonymous said...

Really great ideas and I like your promo graphics and sirius idea. Right on!!

Anonymous said...

One more thing I forgot to mention.
A great idea would be to get your boys on for the exposure ,to build more fan base and communication, and to help spread the word.


BobbyG said...

LInda -

Thanks for the nice compliments and for the advice. Wil have to learn more about this Myspace thing.

Anonymous said...

It is free!!!!
Just go to and sign up for a free page.
There are lots of ways to set it up and they can get clips of their music on.
I have a space as well as many musicians that I know, many are getting on board.
PS I am on chapter 6---so far very technical reading---it is really stretching me!