Saturday, May 20, 2006


I came home from the Santa Fe gig a while ago wanting only to post some pics and a bit of text about the spectacular show the band put on at Montelago Village tonight. Instead I've had to clean out a bunch of "graffiti" posts by some anonymous clown who first posted a comment talking some lame crap about a link to a site where you could learn to cheat at video poker. I removed it and warned this person to not do it again. The moron responded by "spamming" 35 more juvenile sarcastic posts throughout the comments sections of most of the posts that comprise this blog, going back to January. Consequently, I've had to enable "comment moderation" so that only messages I approve will get posted to the blog. I'm sorry if this inconveniences any of the Santa Fe fans who wish to leave legit comments. I'll try to post geniune Santa Fe commentaries promptly. If this jerk keeps at it, I WILL trap his/her IP address and take action.

- BG

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