Thursday, August 03, 2006


Jerry gets embarrassed when I go all effusive. But, I only speak to the truth here. The expression of his vision and leadership and the collective artistry we get to see on Mondays is simply inspiring. To manage to pull off a band of this magnitude and this devotion to excellence during an era of mobile DJs and duos with drum machines is utterly against-the-grain remarkable. I, for one, could not appreciate it more -- as oughta be obvious by everything I've put into the blog thus far.

The montage above is comprised of edits and a blend from three quick shots I fired off Monday night from my table (click the pic for full size). Below, a few more 7-31 shots -- Jerry's much older brother, Lenny, Nathan Tanouye, Johnnie Johnson, Mr. "Take My Heart Away" himself again, and a wide shot from my seat:

What a night!


Email I just sent out:

I just now got off the phone, a glorious conversation with my bro' Kurt Kolstad. He sounded wonderful, strong, and way cool.

The stem cell treatment is over, and looks thus far to be a total success. Looks like he'll be going home next Friday (he's still at the Thompson Cancer Center in Seattle). Still a lot of recuperating to do, but everything looks very good. Basically, they nuke your ass, taking your immune system all the way down to zero, then do a stem cell transplant to rebuild it from scratch. High-risk, extremely butt-kicking total isolation procedure.

Man! I am so happy. I am speechless.

I heard an interview on NPR several weeks ago with a well-known reporter who had been through the EXACT same lymphoma disease and treatment ordeal and is now totally fine. That gave me great optimism, and my hopes look to have been fulfilled. [bleeping]-A!!!!!

Thank you, Adrian and Jerry, for your interest in my man, my great friend whom you've yet to even meet, and for your prayers.

Joey, Pat, Cheryl -- YEAH!!!!



Last Sunday, Cheryl, Nick, and I took Danielle to the Jazz Brunch at The Artisan for her 36th birthday. It was really very nice, highly recommended. The music was that of sax player Martin Mancuso. I had seen him around a lot, both at The Artisan and at the Santa Fe gigs, but didn't know anything about him, except that he wears the baddest zoot suits I've seen in a while. Snappy dresser, this cat. Oughta be giggin' with Big Bad Voodoo Daddy! Pic of him with Billy Dee Williams below.

His thang entails a lot of broad-based novelty act stuff, and the cat can seriously play (video clip below). Check him (and those Mimosas) out at the jazz brunch.

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