Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Duhhh.h.h...what can I adequately say?

Marco Mendoza!
Jerry Lopez is a man of his word (and here I am once again straining to find adequate words to describe this performance). A night to remember, yep. Marco Mendoza, Joey Heredia, and Renato Neto tore the place down. We had an absolute crush of people, and they got all they could handle and then some. Much more later. Got a lot of pics. Thank you all for coming out to witness this incredible evening. Thanks also to the incredible Michito Sanchez for sitting in with the TRIO.

Unreal. Marco, Renato, Joey, Michito, and Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns: THANK YOU!

Of course, the night ended up in a major combined funk throw-down that totally blew it out (below):

I have so much updating to do in the wake of last night, I'm gonna be at it all week. More pics to come. First, lemme throw out some props to Jerry Lopez's brother-in-law Mundo Juillerat, guitarist in the Mamma Mia Show at Mandalay. Jerry had told me about him, and we finally met and spoke briefly last night, what a pleasure. Extremely nice cat. Yet another serious talent (I think my brain is gonna explode, I'm in musical Shock & Awe overload today, in addition to running on the fumes of 4 hours' sleep). And, Mundo is the cat who hipped us to Steven Pressfield's great book "The War of Art" (if you've not read it, buy a copy today!).

Much more to come. Oh, yeah, quickly. I gotta again say "thank YOU, Dave!" for the charts Santa Fe's Dave Richardson wrote for me last week on Paul Peterson's beautiful, poignant song "Don't Turn Away" (mp3 cut). There are some nuances in that thing beyond the basic progression and melody I was not gettin' very well. Got 'em now (workin' this tune up acoustically on my 12-string and lovin' it). Click here for more on Paul and the rest of the unbelievable Peterson family. I bought Paul's CDs and the Peterson Family CD. They are among my favs.


inspireya said...

Words simply cannot describe the magnitude of what I witnessed last night. It was magical, to say the least.

Thanks, Jerry for sharing your friends with us. I hold you all in the highest esteem.

I'm healed!

BobbyG said...

inspireya -

Mr Verbal King BobbyG here is havin' the same problem. I think the word is "ineffable."

inspireya said...

HA! You are so correct, my friend.

Thanks for the work you do. This blog tends to be my life line when I am away.


Anonymous said...

Great to hear that Sante Fe will be covering Paul Peterson's piece. He is a talented song writer not only of ballads like this but also with the funk. Frankly with his musicianship he is able to capture almost any style of music. Just heard him live last week twice. He did a live outdoor venue with his own group "The Minneapolis Allstars", and also was at the Fitzgerald downtown St. Paul doing a Peterson Family Tribute to their mother Jeanne for her 85th birthday. He is also gigging as a front man with an all Prince musician group named "The Truth" in Minneapolis on Thursday evenings at the Trocaderos. Heard them 4 times this summer and they ARE authentic "Minneapolis sound".