Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day 2007

Tonight we will again gather in happy friendship to bask in our love of the healing music that is our awesome ongoing gift from Jerry and the guys. But, please give a good bit of reflection today on the price that continues to be paid to make such things possible. I shot that picture three years ago at the D-Day cemetery in Normandy. Whoever lies beneath that cross in France was utterly precious to someone.

Given that I had an uncle in that invasion 63 years ago and a Dad who left a leg behind on Sicily, I have always been acutely mindful of the terrible sacrifices our countrymen and women have repeatedly made, and continue to make so that we might live in freedom and peace at home.

See y'all tonight.

- Bobby


We went to see Ronnie Foster at MJ's last night. They had a ton of cats show up. I don't have time at the moment to cite everyone. Check Steve Tuminello's "Music Seen" site, he has posted much more detail (Cheryl and I had to split early). Great job, BTW, Steve. Below, a few pics I managed to squeeze out of the still-sucky lighting (I had to bail to flash a lot, which I hate, 'cuz they always look so amateur).

Above: Patrick Lamb of the Gino Vanelli show. What a nice dude, and excellent player!

Above: It is simply great to see our bro' Ron Camire back on the stage after his knee job. Below, a horn section jam riff, with the awesome Chiqui Garcia on percussion, and Duke Jones along with Ron on brass.

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