Thursday, May 03, 2007

Midweek updates

Went to hear Michael Grimm tonight at NY/NY. Cat just blows me away. That Mount Everest voice that can come down to an achingly soulful whisper, man! Crowd was really diggin' it tonight. I'da stayed longer, but the bad wisdom tooth started acting up, so I came home to do some pain meds. (Gettin' that puppy cut out next Wednesday. Ugh.)

Starting tomorrow they'll be doing the 4 pm - 9 pm schedule through Sunday, and Dave Hart will be on guitar. Big Apple Lounge, no cover, no minimum. Come on down.

Below: back a few posts ago, someone wrote in the comments that he dug my episodic off-topic book reports, that it got him to reading the scary Tim Flannery global warming book "The Weather Makers." Cool. That was gratifying. So, here's the latest roster of most of my books-in-progress:

I'm what you'd have to call an "infomaniac," I guess. I always have 5-6 books going at a time (in addition to all my periodicals). There aren't enough hours in the day, man. I bought and devoured Ronald W. Clark's biography "Einstein: The Life and Times" when it was published in 1971 (still have it), so I'll be interested to re-visit the life of this incredible man via Walter Isaacson's new bio of Einstein. Just started reading it. "How Doctors Think" is something everyone should read (along with "Overdo$ed America," which I also reported on in the blog). Basically about the cognitive pitfalls encountered by "experts." Scary. (Have already bought and read most of the books touting the subject of 'How to Think Like a Lawyer and Win Every Argument.' Physicians and lawyers employ markedly different cognitive/reasoning heuristics. Lawyers have it much easier, 'cuz they are typically not faced with the same time pressures, complex and dynamic clinical variables, and compensation constraints doctors face every day.)

was an impulse purchase I made while I was over at Barnes & Noble in Henderson. I was looking for another copy of "You, Inc" to get to give to Jerry (very good read as well; fits well with Pressfield's "The War of Art" that Jerry hipped me to last year, a book I absolutely treasure).

"The Power of a Positive No" was another impulse purchase. Doing a lot of research on decision-making and persuasion for a textbook I'm working on, thought there might be some nuggets in there (in the context of all this "Getting to 'Yes'" stuff we see in the management books like Ury's about negotiating skills and tactics).

Finally, "The No Asshole Rule" -- LOL! I'd heard an interview with the author on NPR.
Really bought that one 'cause I thought my sweetie would dig it too (though she's the expert at dealing with sphincterheads). It's about navigating the shark/asshole-infested waters that comprise the world of The Suits (an environment I'm not eager to return to, now that I've been kicked to the curb). The title cracks me up. Recall my earlier citation of the book "On Bullshit"? I wonder if the bookstores take any flack for having such titles out in the open. "...look, Mommieeee..."

So, that's the latest.

Below: in two weeks I'm gonna beta-test my new P.A. and my acoustic book and play a pro bono lunchtime gig for this organization. Way worthy cause.

Oh, yeah: Michael, ya gotta do me some old Lowell George Little Feat, bro'! (This clip is from 1975. Swampy soul, right up Michael's alley.)


The Lakers got put out of the playoffs last night by Phoenix. Sigh.


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