Monday, August 03, 2009

August 3rd gig at The Palms

Gonna be slammin'. Join us. Free show in The Lounge.


Another great, high-energy show. Great crowd turnout once again. Thanks to everyone for coming. Two subs tonight, Bill Zappia and keys for Dave, and Mike Gonzales on Keys and vocals for Jamie.

Awesome band energy tonight. Jerry rolled in just in time to start (they were gonna go without him). Lotta covers at first; "South American Sojourn," the Earth, Wind & Fire Medley, "Ain't That Peculiar," "Rosanna," "You Don't Know Me" (Tony tore that one to shreds)...

The cats also did a good selection of originals, too: "Come With Me," "Ev'rybody Wants to Love You," What'cha Gonna Do With That Greazy Thing," "Oh, Nena."

They finished up the show with "Soul Trilogy" and then "Living For The City." Rochon took another of his from-another-galaxy rides in that tune.

Above, Numbah One Fan Joerg, the lead actor in the Cirque du Soleil "Ka" show. Below, Jerry's friend from the Bohemian Club, Dave Hagerman (first time fan), gets the call to throw down with the Tambourine of Funk.

Great fun evening.

Gotta give a shout to my old hoops pal Harry Shahoian. Great to see him tonight. Been a while. We first met during 5-on-5 full court pickup at 24 Hour Fitness Sport. Cat is one Stand-and-Deliver, trash-talkin' baller. Does an Elvis thing in "Legends." Really good at it. Nice cat, too.


OK, as I noted in the prior post, our 2-time Grammy winning, Chicago lead vocalist, Sons founder bro' Bill Champlin commences a west coast solo tour on Friday November 6th in San Jaun Capistrano. The band will be comprised of Jerry Lopez, Jamie Hosmer, Rochon Westmoreland, Eddie Garcia, and Tamara Champlin. Much the same as Bill's 1996 Mayday CD Scandanavian tour lineup.

Here's a sample from that release: "Party Time in DC."

Bill asked my help in finding a pre-tour Vegas kickoff show venue. We're thinkin' Wednesday the 4th. Maybe we could even do a "four wall" (i.e., sub out a venue for a fixed price and sell the show ourselves, at our risk, or course). I am willing to bird-dog this, but I need to get a feel for your interest. Say, a "private event" at $20 a ticket paid in advance (I know we're all spoiled to these killer free shows, but there is also reality). I could set it up on my PayPal account, and we'd also sell 'em at the Palms gigs. Email me if this is something you would attend. It would be an awesome show, no doubt. They're all gonna be here in rehearsals that week and the week before. Be nice to send them out on tour with a slammin' Vegas inaugural show behind them.

Let me hear from you.

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