Monday, August 31, 2009

Aug 31st - we're dark tonight

Sorry. Something about renovations going on in The Lounge, regarding which they've reportedly had some permit heartburn. We'll be back next Monday night (Sept 7th).

BTW, The 3rd and newest CD by Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns (our first studio release) is now in post-production and is soon to be issued. I did the artwork for the 2nd CD, but we are soliciting bids for the CD art for this one, as we want the art to be up there consistent with this nascent stunning piece of work. Contact BobbyG (



Finally, my Volume 6 of the "Friends of Santa Fe" podcast series. I'd have finished it this weekend, but I'm awaiting some new cuts from Scotty Alexander. Other featured artists this time include Miari, Jeff Ray's Penthouse Suite, Brandon Fields, Rachel Eckroth, Michito Sanchez, Darren Kramer DKO, Dave Hart, Tamara Champlin, and Dawayne Bailey. Program length will be about 70 min or so, and I think y'all will dig it.


From their recent first gig at Green Valley Ranch. Lotta promise here.

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