Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fifth Avenue in the Suncoast showroom tonight and again tomorrow. A great performance!

Fifth Avenue! Wow. That was amazing. Lenny called me last night and asked me to come. I am so glad I did.

They do this all again tomorrow night at 7:30. A solid 100 minutes crammed with every vocal melody and harmony I think I've ever heard. Backed by a killer band comprised of some of our best Usual Suspects: John Wedemeyer on guitar, Jozef Bobula on bass, Mike Mechem on drums, Lenny Lopez on percussion and vocals, Jamie Hosmer on keys and vocals, Bill Fayne on piano and musical direction.
Tyriq Johnson also featured on two tunes as their "newest member" (something about a TV show vocal competition they're involved with; I will have to follow up).

Pretty much filled the showroom. It was great, great fun. If you can, go see tomorrow night's show. You'll love it.

Couldn't get many good shots of the players. Stayed off the stage tonight.

Below, I don't know who this cat is. He was sittin' with Tyriq. They made him come up and be "Elvis" fronting the Jordanaires. He didn't wanna do it, but he stepped up, and was way funny.

Not kidding. A wonderful show. Please attend tomorrow night if you can.

This is something of a blog timeliness record for me, LOL. I left the Suncoast I guess around 9:25, drove home (about 20 miles), dumped my shots (150 or so; I'm gonna burn all of 'em to CD for Jerry Jones), and now have this up just prior to 11 p.m. Been missing doing this stuff for all of my peeps.

Remember also: Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns return to The Palms a week from Monday, 10:30 p.m. in The Lounge. See you there. John Kats gave us a nice writeup in the Sun, btw.

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