Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 9th gig at The Palms

Yikes, a 16-pack case of thundering off-the-Richter-Scale whoop-ass tonight (15 Santa Fe cats plus the mind-numbing musical eminence Ricky Peterson). Mr. otherwise loquacious is at a fumbling loss for words to aptly describe it. A stomp-fest of funk, along with an unrivaled jazzy fluidity.

Much more to come after some Zzzz's and DayGigIstan (and a supper hang with my Ma at the nursing home).

Thank you all for coming out tonight. BTW, check this cat out, Ole Børud. OMG! What kind of Greazy Nast is in the water over in Norway? Jerry hipped to this sick White Boy. I bought his new CD on iTunes immediately. It is badass.


Mo' pics...

First, props to Wes Marshall for subbing so ably for Danny Falcone on trumpet.

Notable tunes in the set list: South American Sojourn, Greazy Thing, Indian Summer Day, When The Curtain Goes Up, Into The Light, Take My Heart Away (Ricky Peterson singing), Love Is Gonna Find You, Higher Ground, Come Together, Soul Trilogy... (and then I had to split).

Thanks yet again to Greg Sinclair, Lemonade Master of the Palms light board. I couldn't get these shots without you, bro'.

Thanks also to all the fans, for puttin' up with my incessant climbing all around tryin' to get good shots. I'm always uncomfortable that I'm being distracting, and, truth be told, I'd also just rather sit there diggin' on the awesome music.

AGAIN: Don't forget, Negrita Night tomorrow (Wed ,10 pm) at The Bootlegger (7700 S. LV Blvd, at Robindale).

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