Saturday, August 28, 2010

Marco Mendoza, Renato Neto, and Joey Heredia at The Black Door

OK, they're gonna do this again tonight (Saturday, Aug 28th). A trio that sounds like Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns and then some in places. I am not kidding. Three of the finest musicians on the planet, lettin' it all hang out. Stunning.

It's a nice venue, very comfortable, pleasant place. They just need to fix the stage lighting and the PA (and parking is a hassle, be forewarned. Allow lead time). I had to put the camera in full-bore night vision mode, shooting at ISO 12800. Light grid consisted of 4 par cans, 2 red gels, 2 blue. Toxic to the camera. I tried. I was not gonna bail to flash, unlike this reporter chick who came with a camera and notepad.

I have a cheap tip for them. If you're not gonna install white spots, at least take, say, a beer can and X-Acto knife, and, using the can as a guide in the middle of the gels, cut out round holes, 2" or so in the center of the gels (I've done this with my own par cans' gels). This way you still get the color wash effects, but also get white light faux "pin spots" (aim them at the head areas of the respective performers) -- a two-fer. Take you all of 5-10 minutes to do it.

Marco and the cats are off the hook fine. Please come hang for the second night. They will blow you away.

The Black Door, 4640 Paradise, just south of Harmon, about a block away from the Hard Rock.

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