Monday, April 30, 2007

Tonight! Oh, yeah! The legendary Tom Scott

Tom Scott in the house!

Jerry just confirmed to me that Tom is coming.

Gonna be crazy! Be there. No cover, no minimum to experience the baddest music in Vegas.


"I have to say, I am stunned. Not just the sheer amount of work, but the talent on this stage. You people are privileged to witness this band."

- Tom Scott, speaking to the crowd after he grabbed Jerry's mic when they asked him to come back up to the stage and sit in a second time.

Y'know, Tom, that's exactly how I felt the first time I ever heard them.

Gotta get this posted quick. Time for more codeine, LOL! (Impacted wisdom tooth gone bad, can't get it cut out till next week. Ugh)

The Divine Miss M, Bette Midler was in the audience tonight with her entourage, sitting in the rear just in front the board. They asked that we not call attention to her, a request we all respected (no pics, no props from the stage). I checked her reaction repeatedly. She was digging it big-time.

A magical evening, this was. The band was again ramped up, you could tell, right from the first measure. Opened with "Love is Gonna Find You," then right into "Ain't That Peculiar?" And Tom Scott was simply awesome (and, what a nice dude! A class act, this cat). He took Jamie's solo section in "Take My Heart Away" and blew it out to shrieks from the crowd. The second time he got up on stage, he joined in and played from within the Fat City Horns, reading Phil's charts and soloing just like he'd been with them from the start. It was totally badass. The house roared repeatedly. The looks on Phil's and Rob's faces were priceless.

Fat City Horns -- you deserve these kinds of nights. Your ensemble work on those neural overload charts, and your solos, are just endlessly jaw-dropping.

I'll post shots I got of Tom first.

Below: Tom Scott, esteemed Honorary Member of The Fat City Horns!

Below: other selected shots from the night.

Below: Robert Conti at the bar with Tom Scott.

Above: Sari and my Danielle, the mutual speed dial sistahs.
Below: Elisa Furr couldn't get enough last Monday. She's b-a-a-ack. Hanging with her friend Tal. What delightful people.

Above: The cast of Menopause couldn't stand it, and soon about had the whole room dancin' during the second show. Somebody joked "BobbyG's sittin' there gettin' lap dances!" and my daughter is waggin' that finger at me, goin' "Daddeeee! I'm tellin' Mom!"

Below: our brother Ron Camire and his wife Renee. Ron, great to see you up and around, man.

Above L-to-R: Daniel De Los Reyes, renowned A-List percussionist, our homie Tim Lienhard (Santa Fe alumnus, and the fabulous Michito Sanchez, who once again graced us with his presence onstage with the band. Below: Tom Scott and Linda Griner, and below that, once again herding cats for final pics.

Cuz Jojo called my attention via email: "Where's Wigfall"? Duh. I never even noticed. I may fix that via Photoshop, LOL!

Tom Scott, thank you!!


Email I just got from Mundo:
Howzit Bobby! I gotta play you some HCLV trax next time we hang. Gabriel takes us to another level rhythmically, and the recording results are better than I could have imagined. Sorry but I never get excited about any recording project I endeavor, I start turning on myself!

Anyway here's the poster for our "Orchestra" gig this Monday. If you'd like to throw it on your blog we'd appreciate it! I hope you get enough kudos for your passionate blog. It's such a great Santa Fe/Vegas Music hub for us local musicians and fans. Thank You!

- Mundo

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