Saturday, December 08, 2007

Live streaming concerts out of Vegas?

Whoever did the Deep Rock Drive [TM] logo did a great job, IMHO. Very hip, clean, simple, and on point.

Jamie hipped me to this yesterday and asked me to check into it. So I am. Going through all their "Terms of Service," "Privacy Policy," minutia and some other fine print I asked for (which, to their credit, they immediately provided when I inquired, although there may be more I've yet to see). Stay tuned. Just as I hear every note, so too do I read and assimilate every word.

Thus far, while I have some lingering questions and concerns (upon which I will expand as I update this post), I see nothing odious here (unlike that mendacious American Idol band contest crap I cracked on a while back, and the equally suspect Burnlounge -- scroll down to "Anyone Been Burned Lately?" on the latter).

OK, cut to the chase. This is a new venture based here in Vegas (their new production studio is a couple of blocks south of The Palms, BTW), one proposing to put on state-of-the-art live web streamed concerts for subscribers, based on accrued evident fan appeal as expressed via members' "votes" on "petitions" put out by the fans themselves. Once a performer or band gets at least 1,000 "votes," he/she/they become eligible to shoot -- free of any production charge -- a 60-75 minute "live" HD multi-cam show to be (essentially "pay-per-view") webcast. Viewers pay $6.99 for a "ticket" to view the performance. The box office is split 50/50, minus some small stuff about "matched charitable contributions." Paid to the act on the date of the show. So, were you to get ,say, 1,000 peeps to sign up for a show, the act would net a bit less than $3,500.

Extrapolate from there. "A Million Front Row Seats"? Yeah, that'd be win/win. Hey, think big.

In their own words:
DeepRockDrive gives fans an incredible new place to connect with friends that have with similar musical tastes and, to connect directly with the artists that you love, and then drive demand for a brand new form of interactive live entertainment!

At DeepRockDrive, you'll create petitions for the artists you want to see and interact with during a live performance at DeepRockDrive. Together with your friends, you'll spread the word about the artists you care about and eventually get the 1,000 votes required for an interactive DeepRockDrive performance. At the show, you'll enjoy being in the director’s chairs as you determine the order of the songs as they're played, you pick the camera angles you want to see through, and you beam feedback directly to the artists at our Las Vegas soundstage!

DeepRockDrive is the only place where the community drives demand for shows, the community sets the concert calendar, and the community gets to be involved with the artists during the show!
So, I signed up as a "fan" (it's ostensibly "free" -- more about that later) and put up a "petition" for our guys. And, yeah, you gotta sign up (kinda like doing a MySpace account) in order to "vote."

Gotta give props to the outset innovative marketing beauty here. Get the fans/registered users to do your concert promotion for you before you commit to a shoot. Viral, baby, big-time. Very hip idea.

More to come, including bkg info on the Principals--about whom I had to do some digging (clicking "About" gives you diddley on the website about the execs and staff), which was a bit of a yellow flag at first, though the head cats do seem to have impressive rap sheets upon examination. For now, Google "Jeff Henshaw" and "Danny Socolof."

BTW- here's Deep Rock Drive MySpace page, which I added as a "friend."

O/T interlude-

Check this out, a shot my Cuz Jojo sent me of the storm waves yesterday over in the Monterey, CA area where he lives. Yikes, 30-40 ft high (click the pics to enlarge).

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