Friday, December 21, 2007

Weekend update

Sweet Louie had always expressed the desired to be remembered as when he was among us -- alive and full of love, and that's how we will keep his memory in our hearts. The funeral services will be Saturday Dec 22nd at 6:00 PM.

Palm Mortuaries & Cemeteries
1325 N Main St, Las Vegas, NV 89101


Thursday night after I took my parents back to the nursing homes from our big family gathering at our house (I'll post a couple of pics and some commentary shortly), we later all went to NY/NY to catch Michael Grimm's last set and stay to listen to Phoenix.

Lenny and Jerry had raved to me about them ("...they're a GREAT band..."), and I'd heard their stunning lead singer Tony Davich sit in with Michael one night recently, so I was utterly confident I would not be disappointed.

Wow. These cats throw down the hard rock! As good as it gets (notwithstanding the subpar sound and lights in that lounge). A-List players all. The chops, the vocals, the energy, the poise, man. Their covers sound better than the originals. Serious Bad Boys, even if their genre ain't really your thing. Cheryl and I really dug them. They have a new CD out, BTW (buy direct via PayPal):

They do Saturday nights in the Fever Showroom at South Point (10:30 pm). I'm gonna have to go and get some shots to post on the blog (and see 'em in the pro A/V stage venue they fully deserve). These are some cats that also warrant our support.

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