Monday, December 17, 2007

MOSAIC wins CBS a capella competition

"YOU GUYS SOUND LIKE PROS" - Julie Chen, CBS Early Show

Well, yeah, duh. LOL!

The "Next Great A Cappella Group" Is...
..."Mosaic," Of Nevada; Sextet Wins Early Show Competition; Choice Announced By Boyz II Men

(CBS) A nationwide search by The Early Show for the next great a cappella group led to Nevada, home of a six-member group called "Mosaic."

They won the competition judged in part by Boyz II Men, the best-selling Motown group ever -- and Boyz announced the choice on the show Monday, after the five finalists were introduced Friday.

Mosaic, from Henderson, Nev., has been together for about three years now. Its members lived in Orlando, Fla. and liked to sing. Josh Huslig started the group with different people he'd worked with musically. They found they had the same passion for singing and wanted to change people's perception of a cappella groups.

They try to do a lot of private events, such as weddings and birthdays. And they really want to become the next big group. Word-of-mouth and networking have been very important to them.

"They sound incredible," Nathan Morris of Boyz II Men told co-anchor Julie Chen Monday.

"You could tell they've been doing this together for a long time," Boyz' Shawn Stockman added. ... The longer you're together, the better you sound, because you know each others' voices, and you know the harmonies and things of that nature. You know what everybody is capable of doing, so you're tight."

Huslig called winning "awesome. What an honor!"

Click here for a link to the CBS video clip of MOSAIC. Congratulations, dear friends.

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