Tuesday, October 14, 2008

October 13th slammin' gig at The Palms

Yikes! Bill Champlin and Shayna Steele in the house! OMG!

For those unaware, Shayna is in the Better Midler Show now along with our Fat City Horns.

Bill sang "Turn Your Love Around" while playing Jamie's synth, and then later threw down a smokin' guitar ride on "System of Survival." Shayna completely blew the house down with her rendition of "Through the Fire" (Nathan wrote a great chart for it).

Above, this shot, while not sharp owing to all the movement, captures the intensity. I just post it unedited.

Blogging may be a little slow tonight. I just bought a new camera. It was time. Past time. My Fuji 602Z is about 5 years old, which is about 100 in dog and digital years. The new hoss is a Sony Alpha 350, a 14.2 megapixel mofo! Complicated, amazing instrument. I shot with it for the first time tonight. Shot in the smallest shot size, and they're still way larger than the shots coming out of my old Fuji, so, I'm havin' to first run the shots destined for the blog through Photoshop and re-size 'em down so I don't choke your browser with way too much bandwidth burden.

Got a bit of learning curve. This is a different shooting experience. The Fuji, while way more limited, is much more automated (e.g., to go way tight with the Sony, you gotta switch to the telephoto lense, but, boy, is it ever worth it). So, bear with me.

I got to the Lounge way early tonight, and Joey was there workin' on the kit. We had the nicest long talk. This cat is really a sweet person. He told me that after last Monday's gig he had to take the next flight back to L.A., go home, pick up his stuff, rush back to LAX, and catch the next flight to Russia, by way of Germany. Gigging with Marco Mendoza and Renato Neto. He just got back this Monday morning. Dude had to be runnin' on fumes.

Joey is a great drummer, and a class act.

Gonna upload a bunch of shots and crash. More thoughts tomorrow. Great spirit tonight. BTW, Jerry, Champlin was beyond knocked out by "Si Te Vas." First shot below, our dear friend and frequent guest guitarist Steven Lee came by tonight.

Above, Bette Midler Show keyboardist Darrell Smith stepped up along with Bill Champlin on "System of Survival."

Got more good shots in the can, I'm sure. I offloaded 132 into iPhoto (and I shot more in my old camera too), will review the rest after I get some sleep. Thank you Bill Champlin, thank you Shayna and Darrell, and thanks to everyone who came to hang.


My heart goes out to people affected by the raging new fires in the L.A. area. Misery, man...

Wow, unreal. Hope they can get a grip on this stuff quickly. Very sad what peeps are havin' to deal with.

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