Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend stuff

First, Friday night at VOX Lounge (S. Eastern & Horizon Ridge), Mundo's Hot Club of Las Vegas, featuring our friends from the UK, Gypsy Fire (they're gonna come in and open the show for us Monday night at The Palms, btw).


Saturday, the 2nd annual "Klip it for Kidz" cancer support fundraiser event at the Metro SW Command Center. Tyriq and his posse performed, along with Darryl Woolfolk and his "Release All Star Band." Ronnie Rose (Slick Willie Orchestra) also sang.
So did BobbyG, LOL! Sang Loggins' "Conviction of the Heart," played my 12-string.

Below James Brewster Thompson was great. Very funny stuff, bro'.

Above, Diane is new in town. Welcome, Sistah. Below, our Happy Mayor Oscar in his customary effusive form.

Below, some random Metro stuff.


Keenan played his final football game of the Henderson International School season Friday. Scored his 12th TD of the year on the 2nd play from scrimmage, an 85 yard rocket run. Nobody can stay with him once he gets loose. They won 30 - 22 in the most hard-fought battle of their season.

Hoops is next up for Keenan at Henderson International, but this morning he had his first match in a USTA sectional tournament. No rest for da Keebo. He's now playing in the 16 yr old age bracket (he's 14). The competition is ferocious.

What a delightful young man.


I copped some video shots of Keenan's 2nd match of the day, which he won in straight sets.

After that, he had an evening doubles win. Three matches in one day. He's gotta be tired. Has a next-round singles match at 9 in the morning (Gwandaddy will be schlepping him to that one).

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