Monday, October 20, 2008

October 20th gig at The Palms

Our awesome bro' from L. A. Joey Heredia again on the kit tonight. Also, opening the show for Jerry will be Jeff Medina on guitar.

Impressive rap sheet:
Guitarist, Arranger, Composer, Vocalist, Producer Jeff Medina is a prolific Musician from Trinidad and Tobago. He perfected his unique Caribbean-style pop beat by studying great musical masters including Wes Montgomery, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, Quincy Jones and Andres Segovia...
Show starts at 10:30 pm. No cover, no minimum, as always.


I shot a lot of crap tonight. Still learning this new camera. Overwhelming settings array of choices. Got some good pictures, but there was a lot of junk too (mostly poor focus). Below is interesting. Zoomed in from my seat with the long lense on Rob Mader back in the Fat City Horns section, with my ISO setting at the max 3200. I normally shoot at ISO 200 and 400, and on my old Fuji going to even 800 or 1600 (its max setting) results in grainy shots at lower rez. Not this Bad Boy, though. This shot is nice and clean at 3200.

A few shots of our opening guest guitarist Jeff Medina:

Cat was kinetic. That was before I jumped up to higher ISO settings, consequently they're a bit soft. Jeff tore things up, everyone dug him. big-time.

I have to admit to also being distracted by my overjoy at Cheryl being home for the week. She (on the right) and her girlfriends Liz, Mary Lou, and Peggy all came to the gig (they all used to work together on the Nevada Test Site cleanup project we moved here for in 1992).

That is one serious critical mass of IQ, trust me. They are now all scattered far and wide geographically, but remain fast friends. I call them "The Real Ya Ya Sisterhood." Power chicks.

Tunes of the night, I would say, were "Come Together," "San Diego," Dave Richardson's "Greazy Thing" and "Land of My Sun," "Take My Heart Away," "Soul Trilogy," and "We are Nothing."

Great drums and percussion solo work on "We Are Nothing" by Joey, Gabe, and Lenny to close the show.

I don't know how Joey does it, man. He told me before the show that he'd worked every day since last Monday night with a different act, in different destinations. He was clearly tired, but he sucked it up and threw it down.

More shots before I crash:

Above, egregious recidivist Andy Ebon yet again remanded to The Seat of Funk, whereupon he graced us with his many moves.

More follow-up thoughts after I cop some Zzzz's. It's 4:10 a.m. Thanks to everyone who came to hang tonight.


This Saturday, a cancer support benefit event, replete with a jam session led by Darryl Woolfolk.

Click the scan to enlarge it for the details. I told 'em I'd come.


From the Lance Armstrong Foundation:


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