Saturday, April 10, 2010

April 10th weekend ramble

I've had a very nice day. First I went to Ronnie Foster's concert at the Winchester Arts Center at 2 pm, where they did a killer, slammin' 2 hour 15 minute set. After which I trapsed over to Lake Las Vegas to catch some of Paris' Red's outdoor 97.1 FM "Jazz on the Lake" show. I'd not heard her before. One more jazz Diva, jeesh...fabulous.

Ronnie's lineup included Jesse Gopen on tubs, our Phil Wigfall on alto, Michito Sanchez on percussion, Chris Claremont on guitar, and Donald Phillips on bass.

Above, the "B3 trio" "straight-ahead jazz" section of the show; Ronnie, Phil, and Jesse. Smokin' Old School stuff, on fire.

On to the now bankrupt, but still limping along Lake Las Vegas...

Jesse, didn't I just see you at Winchester, LOL...

OK, Paris Red... jeez...

She did, among other excellent selections, Al Jarreau's arrangement of Chick Corea's "Spain." OK, stick a fork in me. I'm done...

Badass bro's Tex Richardson on keys, James Davis on guitar, Chris Coleman on bass, and Jim Snodgrass on sax and flute, along with Jesse on the kit. A glorious evening.


Ric and Jackie's awesome Sunday morning 97.1 FM Jazz Show (8 a.m. - noon).

I've been so crushed the past 6 weeks by the new day gig duties, it would have been easy to just stay home and chill and do all the mundane stuff that now gets pushed off to the weekends, but I'm glad I got out to support some of our other peeps. No more time to do that now during weeknights.

Now, back to laundry and ironing and yard work...

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mickijay said...

my comment is that yes, I'd like to stick a fork in ya and see if you're done. LOL.

hope you are enjoying your new job. I'm sure they are thrilled having you there!

I begin my 6 month gig in early May at the Fort Fisher Airforce base which is a military "resort" surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Cape Fear river. I enjoy the people. Also, I'm now active with the Red Cross disaster/emergency services. Became a "ham" amateur radio operator so I can help coordinate during emergencies. Roger Roger, over and out my friend.