Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 19th gig at the Trop LV

Fabulous. Bruce Conti sitting in. Slammin'. Full report after the day gig. 180 shots to review.



More scenes from yet another outstanding hang...

Below, Trop LV stage manager Brigid came out to throw down some steps with the natty, color-coordinated Tyriq, LOL. She shook some serious bootie.

Below, Pepe, Lenny, and Gabe did an extended hand drum and percussion intro jam to Dave's original "My Land of the Sun" (a tune on the new CD, btw). It was killer!

Below, my killer drummer bro' Larry Aberman ("Zumanity") played with the scurrilous post-show union-busting big band. They were smokin', man. I hung long enough to hear one chart. Yikes!

Thanks again to everyone for coming out. Don't forget "Negrita Night" tomorrow, 10 pm at The Bootlegger, and also recall that Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns appear at the Gene Harris Jazz Festival in Boise, Idaho this weekend. I cannot go, it's killin' me. Cannot get a flight in time after work, and I have no accrued PTO yet.

Also, Freddie Ravel returns next Monday night with Santa Fe at the Trop LV. Sadly, that will apparently be our closing night in the Tiffany Theatre. They've four-walled the venue to comedian Paul Rodriguez. Stay tuned for developments...

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