Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April 26th finale gig at the Trop LV with special guest Freddie Ravel

A huge, enthusiastic turnout for our final show at the Trop. And, the band responded with total stompin' thunder, capped off by the return of our elegant guest artist Freddie Ravel, along with his Santana Supernatural compadre Karl Perazzo.

My good friend Cirque Ka star Joerg was sure diggin' it. Full blog report after the day gig. Stay tuned...


Scenes from a slammin' hang.

I was way busy last night. Would have liked to just sit and listen, really.

More thoughts to come, including some reflections on the stupidass musicians' union dustup (which, its idiotic acrimony aside, had nothing to do directly with the end of this Santa Fe gig).

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