Saturday, July 24, 2010

Michael Grimm CD release party tonight

Tonight, in the Ovation Showroom at Green Vally Ranch, 8 p.m., our awesome little bro' Michael Grimm takes the stage in celebration of his new CD release, "Leave Your Hat On." Last time I covered one of his shows was last Halloween, which was great fun. I'll be there tonight. Join me. Free show. Bring money, though. Buy his new CD.

Michael is having great success nationally of late, as many of you may already know. We're not supposed to tout it (contract restrictions, though I think they properly only apply to Michael and his mgmt), but you can Google it and find out for yourselves in about 3 seconds. Go, Michael Grimm!


Michael will be appearing with the Negrita Night cats at The Bootlegger this coming Wednesday, 10 p.m. (7700 S. LV Blvd, at Robindale). That will be great fun as well. Guess I'll have to come out for that too, DayGigIstan notwithstanding.


Very nice. Full house of enthusiastic Michael Grimm fans, clapping and howling at the opening strains of every song. They have it all down.

Small band lineup tonight (sigh; would have dug hearing and shooting the Big Easy Horns): Michael fronting, Eddie DiMarino on bass and vocals, Bruce Wallace on B3, sub cat by the name of "Pacho" (sp?) on drums, Dave Garland on keyboard, Nikki Logan on vocals.

Shot solely with the 300 mm lense tonight, at 6400 ISO. Yeah, no pics of Nikki Logan. By her request.

I bought the new CD. Could'a asked for a comp, but I didn't. Opened it up and there was my name with a photo credit I'd not even asked for or known of.

Thanks. Very thoughtful.

Michael, GO, little bro', on the TV show we can't allude to. Kick some major media ass. You deserve to win. We all just wanna honestly and lovingly say "we knew him when..."


OK, I've listened closely a couple of times now to Michael's new CD. Love it. Michael trips me out. I cut my teeth playing music during the mid-1960's listening to and playing nearly all of the genre of music that Michael channels so well. How this young cat can have such an old soul. Just amazing. Nice job here, little Bro'.

Speaking of legacy soul music, if you've not seen the movie "The Commitments," get a copy. It is hilarious, and full of soulful sounds.

UPDATE: Below, this is funny as shit too, LOL. Props to Diane Ellis for the link...

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Diane (dazma) said...

Thanks so much for the report! Wish I could have been there!