Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 19th show at The Palms

A few quick pics before I crash for DayGigIstan. I'm jacked up again this week; gotta to to Reno early Wednesday morning for two days of medical clinic assessment visits.

Greg Sinclair was back on the light board. Great job, bro'. It's not much of a lighting grid (uneven coverage, with dark and hot spots), but Greg makes it work.

The band was thumpin' it hard tonight. Hated to leave before the end of the show.

Above, I used my Sony long lense a bit tonight (75-300 mm). It does OK.

Above, Rob Mader is back from Japan, and that's Dave Phillipus's brother Dan subbing ably for Eric Tewalt on bari (Dave, recall, is one of our regular subs for Nathan on trombone). Eric broke his ankle while stepping down off a Frankie Valli tour bus.

They didn't hold back on the charts. Dan stepped right up, blowing hard stuff like "Rosanna," "San Diego," "Brother to Brother," Love Somebody," "Love Jungle," "Soul Trilogy" etc

More after some Zzzz's and after I get home from work. Thanks to all for coming out tonight and supporting this magnificent band. We really appreciate it.


Scenes from a funky, thumpin' hang...

Above, not sure who these cats were. But, they were havin' fun on "Wishing Well."

Again, thanks for coming out. Without YOU, we are nothing.

Man, I'm tired.


Susan Hillard said...

Whats the Deal!! I seen you guy's at the Tropicana and that show was amazing (music,lighting,sound) you could see and hear everything. I go to the gig at the Palms and you could hardly see anything the lighting was Terrible!!!! The band was great as always.If you look up there seems to be enough lights to cover the stage,but there were A LOT of dark zones.It's the same I do with my track lighting at home I position them to cover. Did you guy's get rid of your lighting guy from the Tropicana shows?

BobbyG said...

Here's "the deal," Susan. The light grid at The Palms is puny relative to that of The Trop. Moreover, we are on our own at the Palms, whereas The Trop gave us their house light guy and full support. We didn't "get rid" of anyone, and Greg, our friend who works the shitty Palms light board for FREE, does the best he can. Re-aiming the lights would require having The Palms engineering dept bring in a lift, and good luck getting them to do so. We cannot just do it ourselves.

Susan Hillard said...

Sorry I didn't want to upset you guys! I was just giving a comment.If there that bad at the Palms why not go back to the Tropicana,there showroom has been empty. Again Sorry! You guys are great and deserve more than the Palms is giving you.

Fred Wilson said...

I would have to agree with Susan, but I don't know why your getting all uppity Bobby you wrote the same thing about the lighting (uneven coverage, with dark and hot spots).It was just a observation and comment from a fan don't bite her head off!!! I have been to many Santa Fe shows at many different venues and the Tropicana shows were the best over all. I just don't know why the Palms employee and Management puts forth such a Sub par product. If the lights need to be re aimed just do it and make your Hotel look good. Someone needs to let upper management know of this,I'm sure Maloof would not stand for his Hotel to be made fun of.You probably won't post this because I'm defending her,But it's just my opinion and comment. Thanks Fred Wilson Las Vegas,NV 89120

BobbyG said...

Fred, providing a counter-explanation of the problem in a comment reply is not "biting her head off." C'mon. Chill. Don't be on a hair trigger to be offended. There's way too much of that any more on the 'net. I'm as fustrated as anyone over the subpar performance environment in the Lounge. That has long been no secret (but I'm not gonna keep harping on it in the blog. It is what it is). We just have to be grateful that the band has a venue, I guess, given the state of the economy.

"You probably won't post this because I'm defending her."

Wrong, bro'. I only moderate because asshole spammers made it necessary.

bobbyg@bgladd.com, anytime.

BobbyG said...

Susan, where do you get that I'm "upset" simply by my pointing out some facts in explanation? You were the one who lashed out in angry multiple exclamation mark complaints.

Were it up to me, we'd be back at The Trop this Monday. I could not be more with you there. But, there're a ton of management, financial, union, and logistical complexity you don't know about that means it' ain't likely gonna happen, notwithstanding that it was the best performance environment they've had in the nearly 5 years I've been around them.