Wednesday, March 01, 2006


A few weeks back, Cheryl and I were sittin' out at Sedona on a Friday night waiting for the band to start. We noticed that Jamie Hosmer wasn't there, and that instead there was this tiny young woman prepping to play. 'Whu'sup with this?'

Her name is Etsuko Mader, wife of Santa Fe and Clint Holmes tenor sax ace Rob Mader (click his name; that's Rob on the right). Anyone who can step in, step up, and throw down with Ronnie Foster (below) has gotta be The Real Deal, and Etsuko most certainly is. Great melodic sense and feel, coupled with major chops.

Major Props to Etsuko.

We spoke during the intermission. Besides bein' a serious Playah, what a beautiful person! A delight to talk with. Way, way cool.

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