Sunday, March 05, 2006

Monday, March 6th. Meet the Petersons

(From their website)- "Minnesota's First Family of Jazz has been performing locally, nationally, and internationally for many years. The family consists of Matriarch, Jeanne Arland Peterson, her five children Linda, Billy, Ricky, Patty and Paul as well as members of the third generation including Jason and Isaac."

On Monday night, March 6th, at the Railhead Saloon in Boulder Station, Santa Fe fans will be blessed by the onstage sittin' in presence of two of the illustrious, internationally acclaimed Peterson family: Paul "St. Paul" Peterson,

and Jason Peterson De Laire.

I just went online to CD Baby and listened to some of the cuts from the "Peterson Family Compilation." Yikes! I ordered two copies, one for me, one for Cheryl. Check out this cut, "What you won't do for love," featuring Ricky Peterson. Ricky just finished working on John Mayer's new CD, and has had a 20 year collaborative relationship with acclaimed sax man David Sanborn.

This family is unbelievably talented and accomplished. Read all the bios (with links) here. Spread the word. Let's get a big turnout to greet our guests and experience what will without a doubt be an evening to remember.

UPDATE: Smoothgroovers has put Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns on their UK based radio webcast. Go to their site and check out Episode 13. Smoothgroovers routinely provide, in their words, "
a regular program featuring snippets, views, insight and the ignition of past experiences based on our passion for new and past Smooth Jazz, Soul and Funk." THANK YOU, blokes!!!

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