Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Movin' to The Palms!

The Palms! April 17th! Save the date! Can we all hang on that long, 3 and 1/2 weeks? I just got the word from Jerry via email. It is VERY important that we all spread the news and rally the troops to show the Palms brass just how much this band means to Vegas and beyond. We gotta be SRO on the 17th. I think this is about the best new venue they could have, in terms of the Maloofs' hip target crowd. YES! The venue is simply "The Lounge," just inside to the right of the front main/valet entrance on Flamingo (click here for casino floor map -- warning, PDF file).


So, Jerry tells me all these cool backstories about different players he's known or been involved with over the years. For instance, Jimmy Kimmel show Music Director Cleto Escobedo III was in Jerry's old Santa Fe band before moving on to great success in the L.A. scene. Among his many gigs was a stint in this wild-assed killer group that Kenny Loggins and Chicago drummer Tris Imboden played in, known as "Cecilia Noel and The Wild Clams." OhmyGod!

Well, after seeing the racy website, I had to, of course, order a CD, one entitled "Delivery." Man...

Here's an mp3 cut from the CD entitled "Mambo!" (another of my favs on the CD is "Pronto Salsa") "Salsoul" all right. Very reminiscent of our guys (if more Latin-flavored). Jerry tells me that the frequently rotating lineup of this band included many of the L.A. (and worldwide) scene heavyweights, including folks like Simon Phillips (Toto), Dave Weckl, Jimmy Earl, Bernie Dresel, Jeff Babko, etc, etc, etc. Here's a QuickTime movie montage clip of the act. Yep. Yep. Yep. Jerry says that their live gigs were, in his exact words, "Shock and Awe, man..." I take it that Peruvian emigre Cecilia was/is -- well, shall we say -- uninhibited! (uh, hello? "The Wild Clams"? Tunes like "Slam the Clam"? Use your imagination).

Great stuff. "The Wild Clams" regrettably, are no more, but there are a number of CDs available, and Cecilia is still performing. Got my "Delivery" CD on CD Baby (check the blog links column).

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