Thursday, March 02, 2006

Love is gonna find you - every Monday night

OK, this is quick 'n dirty, I'll do better when I have more time. I'd asked for some shots of the horn charts, so Rob Mader sent me the trumpet chart for "Love is gonna find you" in a PDF file. I had to print it out, throw it on my desk, move the lamp over, pose the pages, shoot 'em real quick, throw the jpeg back into the computer off my digital camera, tweak it for a couple of minutes in PhotoDraw, then upload it to the blog. All amid my first cup of coffee.

Now, I played trumpet in grade school, and "doubled" on it early on in my road music days in the mid '60's
(poignantly -- James Brown & assorted Stax-Volt riffs, etc, what a joke my chops were), so, I look at this chart and I'm gettin' brain cramps and bloody neurons already. I'm gonna need a CAT scan.

This is the stuff -- the sheer volume of squeaky-tight, sophisticated work in these arrangements -- that sets our Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns apart. The phrase "connecting the dots" is utterly apt. OhMyGod, just 3 pages of the B-flat trumpet stuff and I need a new toner cartridge for the HP. Man!...
(BTW- click the shot for the full 1024 x 768 image)

Thanks, Rob.

UPDATE: Hmmm...well, I just figured out that you can use the "Graphics Select Tool" in the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, click & drag to encompass a subset area of a PDF document, hit "Ctrl-C" (copy) and then do a "Ctrl-V" (paste) in PhotoDraw (or, I would assume, any of a number of apps -- it worked also in MS Word), and then save it as a jpeg file (below, close-up of the beginning of the chart). Pretty cool.

BELOW: I'm waitin' around (it's Friday now) to go over to the Sedona gig tonight (Ronnie Foster et al), playin' around with graphic effects (below). I kept waiting for them to hit him with a front spot on his face. Didn't happen, but the silhouette works OK if ya "poster" it up a bit (click the image).

This cat can flat-ass sing! And, oh, those delightful cascading horn lines (mp3 links)!

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