Sunday, April 30, 2006

Ronnie Foster Group update: ADRIAN GARCIA

Bassist Adrian Garcia has been playing with the Ronnie Foster Group at The Artisan lately, filling in for Blaise (for newbies, the other members are Santa Fe's Jerry Lopez, Jamie Hosmer, and Gabriel Falcon). I first met Adrian one night when he was gigging with local jazz guitar ace Michael Anthony Henegan at a west side restaurant owned by a friend of ours. I recall thinking at the time 'man, I'd love to have that cat in my band.' Adrian is fabulous. Formerly of the "Storm" show, and now a member of the 'Hairspray" show band along with Santa Fe's Dave Richardson, Adrian is rock-solid, fluid, percussive, powerful, and always tasteful (and his sound, the tone is excellent, makes it really easy to hear what he's doin'). He really fits together nicely with Gabriel. I would love to gig with Adrian. Man, the band was smokin' tonight. Adrian and Gabe were drivin' the train. The excellence, just unreal.

Yo, Ronnie, we playin ball tomorrow? Henderson? I can do that. Chaz has gotta work, but I can be there.

Below: Adrian with FBass designer George Furlanetto. Below that, Adrian on tour with Sheena Easton, during a show in Niagra Falls, NY.

Below: nice cat I hooked up with today, drummer and seriously cool all-round artist Dave Jaeger.

Click his name and visit his website. He's done some really fine graphics and photo work, and is an accomplished percussionist with a long resume. He and I are talkin' puttin' something together. Adrian says he'd play (man, that would be so cool!). I need to find a keyboardist/arranger, sax man TonyQ wants in, maybe we get us a trombone player and I'll just dust off my old late '70's Crusaders-ish "Birdland" book for starters. Hmmm...

Also, Jerry introduced me to yet another fine cat, Andy Ebon, VP of Marketing for Strokeland Records and owner of EBS Virtual Communications in Vegas. A pleasure and a privilege to have the introduction. Very nice man.

Lotta hip music available through the Strokeland site. Be sure to check it out.

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