Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Monday, April 24th. Yikes! What a show tonight. More later. I got off the plane from Florida at about 8:20 p.m. (my Mom has been in the hospital, I left Friday to go tend to her. Mr. Next-of-Kin, my real job any more). Cheryl picked me up at McCarran. We went home, got the digital camera, and went straight to The Palms. Got a few good pics. We stayed till the end, me with jet lag and all, couldn't leave, it was SO good.

BobbyG says the best of the new arrangements has gotta be "Ain't That Peculiar?"...One thumpin', humpin', stompin' best-of-breed assemblage of pure nasty funk
(tough call, they're all so good). Wish I had that cut on CD or mp3, man! I'd be drivin' around town with it up on richter-scale nosebleed, windows down...'take that, gangsta-rap homie-wannabees' (some of those cats remind me of that nebbish grey dude in the opening caught-in-traffic scene of the movie "Office Space").

A couple of pics below. My man Bobby Black was there shootin' pics with his major piece of photographic artillery. I hope he'll send a few our way. His stuff is awesome. Here I am crawlin' around doin' friggin' break-dance and yoga contortions on the floor up close to the stage tryin' to get good angles, and Bobby's sittin' in the back calmly grabbing killer shots incognito!

Bobby, bail me out, dude, my pics suck next to yours, bro'...LOL! Thanks to everyone for coming to the show. Let's hope the Suits "get it" and do a long-term deal. The Lounge will be the new "hang" for hip music lovers in Vegas, guaranteed (we will certainly produce the show performer crowd, if the last two Monday nights are any indication, the Vegas showroom A-List was out in force).

BTW: Check out Lenny Lopez's new "Ritmo" band website: www.theritmo.com. As their gigging schedule fills in, I'll keep y'all posted.

Recall my prior blog post on Ritmo.

Other news: the hot CECILIA NOEL! Just got an email announcing next Saturday's performance by Cecilia Noel, at The Temple Bar in Santa Monica. If I didn't have so much else going on right now, I'd drive down there just for that, sounds like it'll be "Shock and Awe" (as Jerry called her act). I posted about her on the blog (w/some audio and video cuts) earlier. (scroll down)

Much love to everyone in the Santa Fe tribe. I'm glad to be home. Don't forget Ronnie Foster's 10 p.m. gig Thursdays and Saturdays at The Artisan Hotel. That is a great venue, and Ronnie and the guys throw down big-time. Ronnie's piano chops are beyond description. Check him out if you haven't yet.

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