Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns just hit this one outa the park, ripped the cover clean off the ball and sent it screaming into the next time zone. Yikes! This town has a lot of superior musical and vocal talent. Fourteen of the very best of them were onstage at The Palms Monday night, and most of the rest who weren't gigging were in the audience. Lotta love in that room, all the way around. One amazing evening. Let's do it again next week. Thanks to all of you for showing up to support this great band, all of you who so obviously "get it." The new arrangments were spectacular -- "You Need a Hero," "Ain't That Peculiar," and "Use Me." Everybody dug them to the max. You really can't just call them "covers," they are creative, sophisticated original "treatments."

In my prior post I wrote "I predict a wild SRO crowd." YES!!! (I wish my sports outcomes predictions were that good, LOL!)

BTW- Last night photographer and performer Bobby Black brought me a CD of his shots from one of the Santa Fe Boulder Station gigs. I can't wait to look through them and post some for y'all. Bobby does great work, check out his website. UPDATE BELOW: Here's just one quick pic upload from Bobby's CD -- The Petersons' guest night at Boulder Station. The compression you get from that big telephoto lense, man! "...gonna keep on tryin', 'till I reach the Higher Ground..."

UPDATE: just got an email from brother Blaise (re the Family Stone Experience):

Hey Bobby, if you can make it, FSE is performing this weekend at the new Red Rock casino Fri. and Sat. in the main lounge. We hit @ 9:00pm doing 75 min. shows both nights. Come down and hear all the Sly and the Family Stone hits!


Thank You....for lettin' me be mice elf..... Blaise.

UPDATE2, OFF-TOPIC: Indulge proud Papa for a sec, OK? My ace grantwriter and not-for-profit program developer Daughter recently prevailed over nearly 100 candidates to be selected as the new Executive Director of First Tee of Southern Nevada, where, I have no doubt, she will do great work. I scanned her new business card:

I would predict that Santa Fe and The Fat City Horns might well be asked to throw down the "Nast" at a First Tee fundraiser before long. Below, Danielle (bottom) and her late big sister Sissy, 1974 in Seattle:

While we're indulging, meet the equally fabulous Grandson, Keenan (click his pic. Man, that serve! 12 years old, LOL!!).


Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby G it's Chaz. Great pictures and thanks for taking me along with ya and letting me enjoy this great music and wonderful people!

zennurse said...


Got the go ahead for Vegas in June, and I can't wait to hear your boys and give you a big FDL hug. So happy for your Danielle and she and Sissy are gorgeous.

Bless your heart.