Thursday, April 27, 2006

UPDATE: a message from Jerry Lopez

My friends,

We have NOT as of this moment established a deal with the PALMS. They want us there, and we want to be there, but there are a lot of logistical matters to iron out.

So, we definitely WILL NOT be there this Monday, But if all goes well, we will be there the following Monday May 8th.

I will keep you all posted. Don't worry, if it doesn't work out there, we'll find a place to continue the "healing".

A bands gotta do what a band's gotta do!

- Jerry Lopez

PS. The Ronnie Foster band (Ronnie Foster, Gabriel Falcon, Jerry Lopez, Jamie Hosmer, Blaise Sison) are appearing this week on Thursday (tonight) and Saturday night at the ARTISAN Hotel just East of interstate 15 at 1501 W. Sahara, 89102 (702-214-4000)

Also, the Sunday night Jam at Hurricane bar and grill remains the top spot for great hang and music on Sunday nights! Check it out.

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