Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Diff'rent night, same Nast'

Interesting evening last night. Two subs in the Fat City Horns. Flawless. Jerry has a deeper bench than UCLA football. Congratulations to Nathan on the new baby, and congratulations to Jerry Mera (bari sax) -- did I correctly hear 'ran off to get married'?
Strokeland Records' Andy Ebon was at the gig last night. We got to hang Saturday night at Ronnie Foster's gig at The Artisan, and again last night at The Palms. Delightful cat, I really have to thank Jerry Lopez for hooking us up. Interesting bio of Andy here.

Sad news: I saw guitarist Drew Zingg last night at The Palms. He told me that "Hairspray" (his show gig at Luxor) is being shut down as of this Sunday (it's in the R-J on page A3 this morning). Drew appears Thursdays and Saturdays at The Artisan (10 pm) with Ronnie Foster. Do come by, and hear some fine guitar playing (Drew is the former music director for Steely Dan. Need I say more?).

More sad news:

PHOENIX (Associated Press/ MSNBC)- Billy Preston, the exuberant keyboardist who landed dream gigs with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and enjoyed his own series of hit singles, including “Outta Space” and “Nothing From Nothing,” died Tuesday at 59.

Preston’s longtime manager, Joyce Moore, said Preston had been in a coma since November in a care facility and was taken to a hospital in Scottsdale Saturday after his condition deteriorated...

Rest in peace, bro'.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the info you have posted on the Hurricane and Monday at the Palm.
Finally school will be out this weekend and I am coming to Las Vegas for my first time to hear some awesome music!!!
All the info and maps are much appreciated.
Hey--any clue as to who is sitting in on Sunday at the Hurricane and this MOnday at the Palm?
Vegas here I come!!!

BobbyG said...

No, no way to know in advance who's gonna show up at the Hurricane. But, I can ask Jerry if he has any planned guests sitting in.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the info and I would really appreciate you asking Jerry.
Helps build up the excitement for my trip!!!!
WIll I have trouble getting a good seat at Hurricane....I'm going to a show first that lasts until around 10ish....how late does the Hurricane jam until???

BobbyG said...

The crowd at the Hurricane is unpredictable. Place was kinda slow last Sunday at first, but started getting rather busy around 11.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it will work perfect timing wise on SUndy! I'll wait to hear what you have to say about who is sitting in on Monday.